Adler/Barbour CU-100 Cold Machine

Top-of-the-line systems designed for complete reliability, even in the toughest tropical weather conditions, updated with a quick fit system for easy do-it-yourself hookup and removal without the assistance and expense of a refrigeration tech. Since pioneering marine 12V refrigeration systems more than 25 years ago, Adler/Barbour has continued to use the latest available technology to make these systems the most reliable of their kind. Both the Air-Cooled CU-100  uses the high-performance Danfoss BD50F compressor, with up to 25% better cooling performance than the BD35F in the same size footprint!

Now you can custom configure a refrigeration system to your boat, taking into account available ice box space and the conditions in which you’ll use your boat. First, select the compressor/condensing unit that matches your performance requirements: the Air-Cooled CU-100 is excellent for temperate climates, while the Air/Water-Cooled CU-200 is the one to choose if you’re headed for the tropics.

Then, select an evaporator style that matches your box best.

CU-100 Air-Cooled ColdMachine Compressor

Air-cooled Danfoss BD50F high-efficiency compressor for temperate climates. Extremely quiet running, this compressor is shrouded for maximum fan-forced cooling efficiency and features long-lasting, stainless steel construction. Quick-connect couplings, built-in troubleshooting diagnostics and modular phone jack thermostat/electronics connections make installation easy.

  • Amperage Draw: Approximately 4.5A-5.5A
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2″H x 10″W x 11-1/8″D  Weight: 17lb.
  • Evaporators compatible with the ColdMachine and Super ColdMachine Compressors.
Available at: Fall of River, MA Store