1. Select your items for resale
  2. Clean/repair, and bring to working condition.
  3. Realistically evaluate the condition and price at a reasonable realistic price or let our knowledgeable staff evaluate and price your items for you.
  4. Bring items to either of your convenient locations in Wickford RI, Fall River MA or Mystic CT.

Our Consignment Policy

  • When dropping of items Consignor fills out our drop off form with contact info and Inventory list with pricing ( unless you request assistance with pricing for an additional 5%) customer leaves with a copy of inventory form.
  • We then process your items giving you a unique consignor number and issue each item its unique item number
  • We mail a verification form which is an itemized account of items left for consignment and how much they will sell for
  • When Items sell consignor will receive 60% of the final sale.
  • Included With your Check you will receive a verification report which is a print out of what sold and how many items remain.”
  • We also offer new inventory and the option of ordering new from our catalog with a one-day turnaround adding just 20% over our wholesale cost we will save you money!

How consignment works

Items are left on consignment, no appointment necessary, walk-ins accepted. You receiveĀ 60% of sale proceeds on all items sold.

  • We accept quality merchandise in full working condition.
  • There is no restriction on item age as long as it is in working condition.
  • Item must be cleaned and operational.
  • There is no minimum item requirement.
  • We accept consignment during all seasons.
  • We do not purchase any items outright.
  • Items are assigned unique product IDs for inventory control.
  • First-time customers must set up their consignment account – quick and easy.
  • Our goal is to re-sell high-quality items. We do not sell broken merchandise.

Customer benefits

  • Save money.
  • International next day shipping available.
  • Find “hard to find” items.
  • Buy high-quality marine equipment at a fraction of retail cost.
  • Participate in recycling.
  • One stop shop for a full range of equipment, from boats to parts and accessories.
  • Purchase new and used.
  • Friendly staff and atmosphere.
  • Convenient locations, close to marinas.

Consigner benefits

  • Turn your used marine equipment into cash, earn money.
  • Receive consignor proceeds via a check.
  • Recycle your equipment.
  • Clean out your storage.
  • Receive a tax deduction for donating equipment.
  • Convenient locations.
  • Your used marine equipment can be marketed internationally.